Authentic Asian Cuisine

The bride is ready, dressed in a colourful lehnga, and bedecked with jewels, as she waits for the groom to arrive. One can hear the soft sound of shehnais playing traditional Asian wedding tunes. The disk jockey is busy preparing his collection of the latest songs from Indian and Pakistani movies, including modern and traditional, while the guests are slowly arriving to the venue, wearing traditional wedding dresses. However, there seems to be something wrong. The menu is full of European dishes. This can literally spoil the sanctity and the base value of an Asian wedding. However, this is what you should expect if you select a venue that has no idea about Asian weddings, how to perform the rituals, and the foods that are served on such occasions. If you reside in Leicester and plan to host a successful Asian wedding, your best option is to select the numerous leicester asian wedding venues, and select one that can make all the arrangements, including snacks, drinks, and proper dinner course, containing of Asian dishes. Nothing can beat the aroma of rich spices synonymous with the cooking of popular Asian dishes such as aloo dum, tikka chicken, dum pukht, rumali roti, gajar ka halwa, jalebis, etc. 

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Selecting an ideal venue

You can select from several Leicester Asian wedding venues such as:

- Devonshire Place

- Kelham Hall

- The Platinum Suite

- Barnabas Hall

Check the venue

Make sure that you visit the venue and check the dishes they offer. If necessary, ask from friends and relatives who have attended an Asian marriage at that venue about its ambience and the quality of the food they serve. It is a good idea to check several venues to compare the amenities provided by them along with the prices they charge. You should confirm what the cost covers. Does the price include decorating the place with flowers and lights, befitting of an Asian wedding. Once you have all the data in your hand, choose a site that offers you the best value for money, is located in the heart of the city, and has chefs who can prepare authentic Asian cuisine. If possible, hand over the task of hiring a disk jockey and a photographer to them. You can rest assured that your guests, especially Europeans, will remember the wedding for their lifetime once they have experienced the sight and sound of the wedding, and have relished quality and aromatic Asian food.